Observed the 51st anniversary

Here’s a photograph from the March 16 1928 edition of the Toronto Daily Star of a couple who had just celebrated their 51st wedding anniversary.

As usual when I see one of these, I indulge my morbid curiosity and look the couple up in the Toronto city directories to see how long they lasted. In this case, it’s impossible to tell, as it looks like Mrs. Exley predeceased her husband. He appears in city directories up until 1935, but is not listed in 1936.

When I looked up 364 Concord Avenue in the Streets section of the 1936 directory, the owner was listed as Frank W. Newberry, whose wife was one of the Exleys’ daughters mentioned in the photo caption above. So I guess they got the house. Charles Exley, the son mentioned in the caption, is listed as working as a butler, so I suppose that he already had a place to live.

364 Concord Avenue appears to be still standing today – it’s a semi-detached house near Bloor and Ossington.

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