Played part of Prince

Here’s a photo from the March 16 1928 edition of the Toronto Daily Star of a well-dressed young boy who was asked to play the part of the Prince of Wales in a parade in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Out of curiosity, I looked the Goldring family up in the Toronto city directories. They don’t appear to have remained in Toronto long: the 1928 and 1929 directories list John. E. Goldring as a comptroller at Simpson’s and living at 28 Wychwood Park. The 1930 directory lists John C. Goldring with no occupation at that address; this appears to be a typo, as the Streets listing for 28 Wychwood Park still has John E. Goldring. The 1931 directory does not list him.

A Google search for Elmer Goldring turned up this entry on an ancestry website. If this is him, he was 14 at the time he was asked to impersonate the Prince, and he passed away in 1995.

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