Memory blank after fall

Here’s an article from the March 13 1936 edition of the Toronto Daily Star about a teenage girl who escaped a pursuing man. I noticed it because it contains rather sloppy writing.

I’m reasonably certain that Mrs. George Hallam did not say, “My daughter had left the home of Mrs. Dobson, 1347 Pape Ave., and had only to walk around the corner to reach the home of Mrs. T. O. Fowler, 53 Chilton Rd., where she was going.”

When I looked up the addresses in the 1936 Toronto city directory, I discovered that the article writer didn’t get most of these right either. There is no Balsam Avenue in East York, and there wasn’t one in 1936 either; the directory does list a George Hallam at 225 Gamble Avenue, which is in the right neighbourhood and sounds about the same as the non-existent 226 Balsam. There was also nobody named Dobson at 1347 Pape. The article did have the right address for Mrs. T. O. Fowler, so one out of three was correct.

I looked in some later directories, and found a May Hallam in the 1944 directory. She was living on Strathmore Boulevard, which isn’t all that far away from Gamble Avenue, so I assume that it’s the same person as in the article. So, happily, it looks like she recovered from her injury.

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