Latest contribution to fashion

I don’t think I will ever grow tired of the photo pages of old newspapers. Here’s a picture from the photo page of the February 27 1929 edition of the Toronto Daily Star:

I am fascinated by the final sentence of this caption. “A black crocheted straw is worn.” Straw what? And why use the passive voice?

Esther Ralston (1902-1994) started her career early: she was the youngest member of a family of vaudeville performers, and was billed as “Baby Esther, America’s Youngest Juliet”. She went on to become a silent film star, earning $8000 a week at the peak of her career. Her transition to talking pictures was derailed when, as she described in her autobiography, she refused to sleep with studio head Louis B. Mayer. In retaliation, he apparently ensured that she was relegated to supporting roles at minor studios.

Ms. Ralston was married three times and had three children. She passed away in 1994; her funeral service was held in California on the day of the Northridge earthquake.

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