Finds uninvited 8

The Toronto Daily Star newspapers of the 1920s and 1930s featured daily columns titled “Men’s Police Court” and “Women’s Police Court” that summarized the results of the daily court cases. For instance, the Women’s Police Court section of the February 22 1933 edition of the Toronto Daily Star told the story of a man who returned home from work only to find that eight people, almost all strangers to him, were having a party there:

I tried to trace Robert Perryman, the man who had the unwanted houseguests, in the Toronto city directories. It appears as though the article had his address wrong – the 1933 directory lists nobody living on Commercial Street, but does list a Robert Perryman at 77 Commissioners Street in Toronto’s docklands district.

This Mr. Perryman worked as a nightwatchman at McColl Frontenac and lived in a house on the premises. There’s also a listing for Robert Perryman at 55 1/2 Sumach Street. Harold Perryman, who worked as a fireman at McColl Frontenac, also lived at 55 1/2 Sumach; this suggests that the two Perrymans were brothers and that Robert divided his time between the two residences.

Since the article doesn’t mention a brother or other relative, the unwanted bash probably happened at 77 Commissioners. This seems quite a distance for a group of party crashers to travel, but who knows. (Here’s what 77 Commissioners looks like today.)

In the 1934 directory, Robert Perryman was now listed at 77 Commissioners and 249 Booth, with Harold also at 249 Booth. By 1935, the two Perrymans had severed their connection to McColl Frontenac, and were working as labourers and living at 249 Booth. In the 1936 directory, they were both at 65 Logan; the 1938 directory lists Harold but not Robert.

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