Romeo finds no Juliet

If you’ve stopped by this blog before, you probably know that I like to post articles and then look things up in the Toronto city directories. So I was pleasantly surprised to find an article in the February 22 1933 edition of the Toronto Daily Star about looking things up in the newly-released 1933 Toronto city directory!

The first part of the article points out that Gertrude Aalto and Alex Zyzda were the first and last names listed in the directory:

I looked in the 1933 directory myself and, sure enough, these were the first and last people listed:

The second part of the article mentioned people with the unfortunate names of Joseph P. Deady and Mrs. Segna Boring:

Sure enough, Mr. Deady and Mrs. Boring were in the directory too, as promised:

However, I have an advantage over the writer of this article, as I can look into the future that he or she could not yet see. Out of curiosity, I looked for all four of these people in the 1938 directory:

  • Gertrude Aalto was gone, but the first people in the directory were now Emma Aalto (widow of David) and Oscar Aalto.
  • Alex Zyzda was now a butcher and grocer, living at 80 Argyle.
  • Joseph P. Deady was still at 201 Sorauren, but had changed jobs: instead of being a TTC conductor, he was now a waiter at the Royal Cecil Hotel.
  • Mrs. Segna Boring was, alas, no longer listed.

And, just because, I went forward all the way to 1948 to see if our two remaining stalwarts were still there:

  • Joseph P. Deady was still at 201 Sorauren. He was now an employee at St. Joseph’s Hospital.
  • There were now three Zyzdas in the directory. Alex was still at 80 Argyle and still a butcher and grocer. Mike Zyzda was also at 80 Argyle and working at Massey-Harris; I assume that he was Alex’s son.

There was also a William Zyzda at 146 Shaw. I could check the directory in earlier years to see whether William and Alex were related, but I kind of like the idea of a totally unrelated person named Zyzda showing up in the city to take over as the last person in the directory.

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