New rave

The February 15 1938 edition of the Toronto Daily Star contained this promotional ad for an upcoming radio program:

Internet searches reveal contradictory information on the dates of birth and death for Rush Hughes. His Internet Movie Database page lists him as 1902-1978 (but gives him movie credits that don’t appear elsewhere); the Old Time Radio Downloads page lists him as 1902-1958, and another source lists him as 1910-1958. I’m going to go with 1902-1958.

A search for Borden Hughes-Reel turned up nothing, but a search on his name revealed that Hughes was a commentator on the NBC Red radio network. His commentaries were pre-recorded and delivered to subscribing radio stations, which is probably what the ad was for.

Hughes went on to host the New York version of the radio game show Pot O’ Gold, and then became a disk jockey in St. Louis in the late 1940s. While there, he was caught up in a ratings war before moving to Chicago.

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