Concert and stage

The January 16 1937 edition of the Toronto Daily Star contained this set of photos and blurbs for upcoming performances:

I hadn’t heard of any of these people, so I looked them up on the Internet:

  • There is a web site devoted to Albert Hirsh’s life and career. He eventually settled in Houston, and was part of that city’s classical music scene for over four decades. The Houston Chronicle has his obituary.
  • Uday Shankar (1900-1977) was a dancer and choreographer who was a pioneer of modern dance in India. His younger brother, Ravi Shankar, was a musician who was primarily responsible for popularizing the sitar.
  • Olsen and Johnson were a vaudeville, radio, and stage act consisting of Ole Olsen (1892-1963) and Chic Johnson (1891-1962). Their revue, Hellzapoppin, ran for over 1400 performances on Broadway starting in 1938. (The movie version of the revue was released in 1941, and can be found on YouTube here.) Their humour could best be described as semi-organized mayhem, and they were not afraid to break the proverbial fourth wall; here’s a scene where a fight in the projection room causes the image on the screen to wobble.
  • John Charles Thomas (1891-1960) was a opera and concert singer who apparently did not like rock and roll. YouTube has a number of recordings of his, including him performing at the Metropolitan Opera in 1943.

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