Inside parking is not parking

Here’s a short article from the January 12 1948 edition of the Toronto Daily Star about a man who managed to talk his way out of a parking violation.

Out of curiosity, I looked William Tennant up in the Toronto city directories. I discovered that there was no such place as Colbrook Street in Toronto. There is a Colbeck Street, though, and the 1948 Toronto city directory lists a William Tennant working at CGE and living at 148 Colbeck. If this is the right William Tennant, he led a noticeably stable life, as he was living at 148 Colbeck and working at CGE in 1969, the last year for which I have access to online Toronto city directories.

I looked 148 Colbeck Street up in Google Street View. It seems to be a nice enough place.

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