A doggy game of tennis

One thing I noticed when I looked at photos of actresses and female singers in the January 3 1933 edition of the Toronto Daily Star was that the fashion at the time was for women’s eyebrows to be drawn or trimmed to be thin lines, which looks very unusual today.

The next three blog posts will feature photos of women with this look. The first is this photo of actress Fay Marbe with a tennis racket and a dog:

Fay Marbe (1899-1986) appeared in movies between 1920 and 1930 as well as appearing on the stage. By about the time of this photograph, she had retired from performing. Nothing exceptionally exciting appears to have happened to her during the rest of her life.

British Pathé has a film clip of her, in which she claims that she has insured various parts of her body for significant sums of money, including her legs for one million dollars.

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