Proposed civic square

After the Second World War, the city of Toronto initiated plans to create a civic square in the Chinatown neighbourhood north and west of Queen and Yonge, in what was then known as The Ward. The December 26 1946 edition of the Toronto Daily Star contained an advertisement from the Property Owners Association, which was opposed to the civic square.

Despite this opposition, Toronto voters in the 1947 municipal election approved the creation of a civic square. The land for the square was acquired and expropriated from 1948 to 1958, and construction was started in 1961. Today, the civic square is Nathan Phillips Square.

As for the executive officers of the Property Owners Association listed here:

  • R. M. Willes Chitty wrote a number of law books, including The Digest of All Canadian Case Law in 1928. He passed away in 1970.
  • E. J. Prittie was a member of the Prittie family, which I traced in this blog entry. He remained involved with some property owners association or other for at least another decade.

By the way: this post is a milestone of sorts, as it is my 1000th blog post. In these thousand posts, I’ve learned a lot about obscure celebrities of the 1920s and 1930s and have discovered all sorts of unusual bits of trivia. I’m still enjoying doing this! Thank you for reading or occasionally stopping by.

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