Demands an answer tonight

Here’s a somewhat cryptic advertisement that appeared in the December 26 1946 edition of the Toronto Daily Star:

Frank O’Hearn was a candidate for mayor in the upcoming Toronto municipal elections, which were to be held on New Year’s Day, 1947. O’Hearn finished second in the voting, but that was because the incumbent mayor, Robert Hood Saunders, was popular enough that no serious candidates opposed him. Besides Saunders and O’Hearn, only Murray Dowson, a Canadian Trotskyist, ran for the mayor’s chair that year.

O’Hearn went on to form a religious organization in 1961 called The Order of God-Like People. He then formed the New Capitalist Party, which ran three candidates in the 1965 Canadian federal election. The party’s platform included giving Canadians the $1,000 each that the banking system had allegedly stolen from them and lowering the price of bread to five cents a loaf.

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