Fitz shows Masie how

The Toronto Raptors have been an NBA franchise now for a quarter of a century, but you might not know that the Raptors are not the first professional basketball franchise to play in Toronto. The Toronto Huskies played in the 1946-47 Basketball Association of America (BAA) season, compiling a 22-38 record and then disbanding.

Here’s a photograph from the December 26 1946 edition of the Toronto Daily Star of a member of the Huskies with one of their fans:

“Lanky” was a good word to describe forward-centre Bob Fitzgerald, as he was 6’5″ and weighed 190 pounds.

Fitzgerald did not have a long professional career. He played 31 games for the Huskies before being traded to the New York Knicks in mid-season. He played in the National Basketball League in the 1947-48 season and then returned to the BAA with Rochester in 1948-49. He passed away in 1983 at the age of 60.

Fitzgerald’s older brother, Dick Fitzgerald, played in all 60 games for the Huskies in 1946-47. Except for one game with Providence of the BAA the next season, it was his only season as a professional basketball player.

I did a Google search for Masie Hutchison and looked her up in the 1946 Toronto city directory, but did not find her in either location.

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