First, last, and always

Here’s an ad for a hair salon from the December 11 1930 edition of the Toronto Daily Star.

I was curious about this ad because I had no idea what a Eugene Frigidine Realistic Venusta was. After doing several Google searches on a number of variations on this phrase, I still have no idea what a Eugene Frigidine Realistic Venusta was. It cost $5, which is equivalent to over $77 in today’s money, so it was a serious financial commitment to hair care, whatever it was.

Looking at the ad, you can see that this was quite the beauty factory: the location boasted 100 booths, with 60 skilled operators, 24 marcellers, and 10 finger-wavers. That’s a lot of beauty!

I traced the Jones Beauty Parlors in the Toronto city directories:

  • The 1929 directory lists one location at 251 Yonge Street, with Sidney Jones as the proprietor.
  • He was about to attempt to build a beauty parlor empire, though: by 1932, he and William Jones had five locations in the city, and by 1935 there were nine.
  • There were nine locations in 1938 as well, but the 1940 directory just lists one location, at 264 Yonge.
  • They tried branching out again in 1942, with three locations: 487 Bloor West, 933 St. Clair West, and 2646 Yonge.
  • However, by 1945, S. H. Jones had one beauty parlor only, at 2336 Bloor West.
  • The 1950 directory lists the Jones Harper Method Beauty Shop at 2892 Bloor West in Etobicoke.
  • This firm was also there in 1955, and I didn’t trace them after that.

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