Snowy white table linen

Here’s an ad from the December 9 1929 edition of the Toronto Daily Star that contained a rather obvious error.

Not only was there an upside-down headline – the New Method Laundry Limited text was very poorly displayed. (Though I suppose this might be an artifact of the original newspaper microfiche process.)

New Method Laundry was not only in the 1929 Toronto city directory – they had an ad on its front cover (it’s at the bottom):

They also had an ad on the page where their entry was listed:

New Method Laundry was just in the process of opening up a second location at the time of this ad. The city directory listed the phone number of their original location, which was at the corner of River Street and Queen Street East. The ad shown here had the phone number of their new branch at 725 College.

By 1939, the Queen and River location was gone, and they were still listed at 725 College. They remained there for over a generation, as the 1969 city directory listed them there.

I don’t have access to later directories, so I don’t know what happened to them. A Google search turned up nothing, and 725 College is now a shopping center.

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