Who bought candy store

Here’s one last item from the December 7 1931 edition of the Toronto Daily Star, which has turned out to be an excellent source of material. This is from the Personals section:

I was curious, so I looked up the Toronto city directories from around 1921 to see if I could find out who Jean was. I didn’t have any luck.

Here’s the residents of 88 Givens Street in the years that I searched:

  • 1917 to 1922: Peter Bennett
  • 1923: Racco Iafrate
  • 1924: William Roberts, butcher
  • 1925 and 1926: vacant

I suppose that the Personals entry could have been some sort of code, or perhaps Jean was the wife of one of the residents in this list. Sadly, I’ll never find out.

Nowadays, Givens Street is known as Givins Street: the changed name first appears in the 1947 city directory. According to Google Street View, 88 Givins looks to have been updated sometime since 1931. I can’t tell whether it has been rebuilt or just remodelled.

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