Here is value

Here’s an ad for a restaurant from the December 7 1931 edition of the Toronto Daily Star. The restaurant featured a full course dinner for 50 cents:

Sparfel’s New English Grill was the brainchild of Joseph and Louis J. Sparfel. Joseph arrived in Toronto first, taking over the Hotel Florence at 30 King West in 1930. His brother first appears in the 1931 city directory as co-manager of the grill.

Sparfel’s New English Grill last appears in the 1935 directory. By then, the brothers had shifted their responsibilities: Louis is now listed as the sole proprietor of the grill and the hotel, and Joseph was now managing the Blackstone Restaurant, located in the basement of 112 Yonge Street.

In 1936, the Oxford Hotel is now at 30 King West, Joseph is involved with the Blackstone Restaurant and with the Normandy Restaurant at 12 Queen East, and Louis has no listed occupation. Louis didn’t give up, though: by 1938, he was running the Claridge Restaurant, while Joseph was still with what the directory called the Black Stone Restaurant. In 1940, they were both still at their respective posts, and Margaret R. Sparfel was working as a cashier at the Blackstone; presumably, she was Joseph’s daughter.

I was curious, so I kept going. In 1945, Louis does not have a listed occupation, but Joseph was now the manager at Chez-Paree Limited, a restaurant at 220 Bloor West. This restaurant was successful: by 1955, Joseph was the general manager there, his son Roland was manager, and Louis was working there as a cook.

A Google search for the Chez-Paree restaurant turned up a Twitter thread on it, including a copy of a menu. The restaurant lasted until 1969, when the building it was in was demolished.

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