Announced his engagement

Here’s an item from the photo page of the December 7 1931 edition of the Toronto Daily Star, featuring a couple that were about to be married.

Unfortunately, the couple separated after only four months, and neither of the two had a long or happy life.

Horace Liveright (1884-1933) was a publisher and stage producer. He was a founder of the Boni & Liveright and Modern Library publishing imprints, and he produced a successful adaptation of Dracula in 1927. Business failures and alcoholism led to death by pneumonia in 1933, and Wikipedia claims that only six people went to his funeral.

Elise Bartlett Porter (1899-1947), who used the stage name of Elise Bartlett, appeared in a production of Show Boat in 1929. Mr. Liveright was Ms. Porter’s second husband; she had married actor Joseph Schildkraut in 1923. She had apparently so enchanted Mr. Schildkraut that he proposed on the day that they met. They divorced in 1930. Like Mr. Liveright, Ms. Porter drank heavily, dying of delirium tremens in 1947.

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