Has lived 77 years

In yesterday’s blog entry, I wrote about a man who had just celebrated his 77th birthday. It turned out that the November 23 1928 edition of the Toronto Daily Star had another picture of a man who turned 77 on that day:

I didn’t need to search through the Toronto city directories to find out what happened to Neil McNeil (1851-1934), as he was well-known enough to have a Wikipedia page.

(Aside: who on earth with the surname McNeil would name their child Neil? This seems cruel.)

Mr. McNeil was the Archbishop of Toronto from 1912 until his death. His Wikipedia page states that he attended Propaganda College in Rome. This is also translated as Urban College. He was born in Hillsborough, Nova Scotia, which explains why he was honorary vice-president of the Maritime Provinces Association.

Neil McNeil High School, an all-boys Catholic secondary school, is named in his honour.

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