Is 77 years old to-day

Here’s a photograph in the November 23 1928 edition of the Toronto Daily Star honouring a man who had just turned 77 years old.

If he was 77 in 1928, this meant that he was born in 1851, so he was 16 years older than Canada.

As usual, I indulged my morbid curiosity and looked J. C. Forman up in the Toronto city directories to see if I could find out how long he lived after this photo. He was easy to find in the 1928 directory – not only was he there, but he had a bold-face entry.

Sadly, James C. Forman (to give him his full first name) did not make it to 80. He appears in the 1930 directory – again in bold face – as a consultant in the Assessment Department at City Hall. In the 1931 directory, Josephine Forman is listed as his widow.

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