Can. life insur. official

Here’s a photograph from the November 21 1931 edition of the Toronto Daily Star of a man who had just been elected vice-president of the Canadian Life Insurance Officers’ Association.

It might be my imagination, but Mr. Lithgow looks a little sad-eyed in this photograph.

I looked James H. Lithgow up in the Toronto city directories. In the 1931 directory, he is listed as an assistant general manager at Manufacturers Life, living at 264 Oriole Parkway. In later editions of the city directories, he is easy to find, as his entry is in bold face; he eventually became the Chairman of the Board.

Between 1946 and 1951, his address changed from 264 Oriole Parkway to 262 Oriole Parkway, as the street was renumbered. This must have been confusing for the mailman. Along the way, he started calling himself J. Hector Lithgow.

Mr. Lithgow retained his bold-face status in the Toronto city directory right up to 1959. He is listed in the 1960 directory, but not in bold face. He is not in the 1961 directory, but it does not list his widow, so I have no idea whether he passed away or retired someplace. A Google search didn’t reveal anything.

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