Commercial artists’ model

Fair warning: we’re going to be spending the next few days in the world of November 21 1931, as that day’s Toronto Daily Star had a lot of interesting (or at least mildly interesting) articles and photographs. Here’s a photograph from that day’s edition:

It’s just a trick of how the photograph was translated to print, then translated to microfiche, and then digitized, but Ms. Boardman’s face looks more modern than 1931 to me.

Eleanor Boardman (1898-1991) had just about finished her film career by the time this photograph was taken. She appeared in only one movie after 1931: The Three-Cornered Hat (1935), in which she played the miller’s wife.

She was married to director King Vidor from 1926 to 1933; she then married the French screenwriter and director Harry d’Abbadie d’Arrast in 1940. They stayed married until he passed away in 1968. After his death, she moved to California and lived in a house that she designed.

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