No ice cream

Here’s a picture from the photo page of the October 25 1938 edition of the Toronto Daily Star:

Photos of attractive women have been included in newspapers since it became technologically possible, of course, but I’m mystified by the caption. It refers to three pretty chefs, but there are four women in this photograph.

I guess that the three women on the right are dumping in another bushel basket, and the one on the left isn’t being counted because she is raking the apples. But it does look like the caption is implying that one of the women is not a chef, or one of the women is not pretty. Or perhaps the caption writer isn’t good at counting – who knows?

Wenatchee, Washington is still referred to as the Apple Capital of the World. Their professional baseball team is the Wenatchee Applesox, so their emotional connection to apples obviously runs deep.

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