Rheumatic pain gone

I’m always fascinated by testimonial ads that feature real people. Here’s one from the October 25 1938 edition of the Toronto Daily Star:

Mosby’s Tonic has been discussed before in this blog, but there are two things that I find interesting about this version of the Mosby’s ad:

  • To fit the second line of the headline into the available space, the typesetter used the number 0 instead of the letter O. It looks a little odd, but it’s narrower. (Here’s another example of this.)
  • A “MOSBY’S TONIC Man” was apparently at the Tamblyn drug store at Keele and Dundas. Was he there full-time?

I looked up Mr. John S. Stevenson of 227 St. John’s Road in the Toronto city directories. Sure enough, he was there, and he had no listed occupation, so I assume that he was actually retired. I looked ahead and found him at the same address in the 1943 and 1948 city directories. So we know for sure that Mosby’s Tonic didn’t kill Mr. Stevenson, at least not right away.

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