Injured actor (1 of 2)

The October 25 1938 edition of the Toronto Daily Star contained two separate reports of actors who were injured in accidents. I’ll do the first one today, which is of actor Lyle Talbot escaping a fire.

Lyle Talbot (1902-1996) not only recovered from his injuries – he lived for nearly 58 years after the fire, and appeared in various television series well into the 1980s. Among his accomplishments, he was a co-founder of the Screen Actors Guild and played Ozzie Nelson’s friend and neighbour on The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet for ten years. He claimed that he never refused a part that was offered to him, which led to him appearing in some notoriously bad films.

Talbot was married five times. His first four marriages were brief, but then he married actress and singer Paula Epple when he was 46 and she was 20. Not only did their marriage last – they were married for over forty years and had four children – he outlived her, as she passed away in 1989.

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