For the world’s heavyweight championship

Here’s an ad that appeared in the October 14 1936 edition of the Toronto Daily Star:

I was a bit confused by this, until I realized that the world’s heavyweight championship mentioned here was for wrestling, not boxing.

Dean Detton (1908-1958) was world champion from September 1936 to June 1937, losing his title to former football great Bronko Nagurski. He retired from professional wrestling in 1951 and ran a bar in California. Sadly, he hanged himself there in 1958.

I couldn’t find a Wikipedia entry for Fred Grobmier, but I did find this page in During his career, he was known as Fred Grebmire, Fred Grobmeier, Fred Grobmier, Fred Grubmaier, Fred Grubmeier, Fred Grubmeyer, Fred Grubmier, and Fritz von Mier. He was nicknamed The Iowa Cornstalk, perhaps because nobody knew how to spell his name.

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