Heads camera workers

Here’s a photograph from the October 18 1929 edition of the Toronto Globe.

My first thought when I saw this photograph was that Mr. Rigby had the sort of moustache that stopped being popular when Hitler started becoming more notorious. My second thought: why was the caption for this photograph using A Lot Of Capitalized Words?

Because Mr. Rigby had an unusual first initial, I tried to trace him in the Toronto city directories. I’m not sure whether I found him: the 1929 city directory lists an Oswald B. Rigby working as a mechanical engineer at Massey-Harris. If this was him, I fear that he might not have been around long: the 1932 directory lists him as a mechanical engineer but does not list his employer, and he is missing from the 1933 and 1934 directories. There’s always the possibility that he might have relocated, of course.

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