S. Titchener Smith has returned

Here’s an ad for a dancing school from the October 14 1936 edition of the Toronto Daily Star:

When I did a search on S. Titchener Smith, I found a reference to him in this blog entry. His full name was Samuel Titchener Smith, and he had studied ballet at the Vestoff-Serova School in New York.

The article also mentioned that Mr. Smith had appeared a decade into the new century, so I started looking for him in the Toronto city directories about then. I first found him listed in the 1915 directory as a teacher, under the name of Samuel T. Smith. By 1925, he has started appearing as S. Titchener.

In the 1936 directory, his dancing studio was at 50 Yorkville Avenue. By 1938, his studio was at 646 Broadview, where he lived. In the 1947 directory, he was listed with no occupation, so I assume that he was retired.

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