Here’s an ad from the October 12 1937 edition of the Toronto Daily Star for a new shoe store near Bloor and Yonge.

E. R. Cubbon had an unusual name, so it was easy to look him up in the Toronto city directories. Edward R. Cubbon is listed in the 1935 directory as the manager of the Cantilever Shoe Shop, just as his ad says; however, the 1937 directory lists him as a salesman at B. F. Goodrich. I guess he fell back on this when the store didn’t work out.

Unfortunately for Mr. Cubbon, his latest attempt at starting his own business didn’t work out any better than his previous one. The Cubbon Comfort Shoe Store is listed in the 1937, 1938, and 1939 city directories, but the 1940 directory lists Madge Harrison’s corset salon at 42 Bloor East, and Mr. Cubbon as having returned to B. F. Goodrich. He was still there as of 1950, so I guess he decided that running a shoe store was a risky business.

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