Cooking school

Here’s a grocery ad from the October 4 1934 edition of the Toronto Daily Star. Can you guess what the problem is with this ad?

Readers of this ad would have been confused. Miracle Marketeria was offering a cooking school on Friday at 1:30, and again next week – but at which of their two locations?

The Toronto city directories suggest that the cooking classes were held at 2424 Yonge Street, as this was the company’s main store. Miracle Marketerias expanded aggressively in the 1930s; by 1939, there were five branches, though they had moved from 2187 Bloor West to 2269 Bloor West. They didn’t survive the war, though: by 1941, there were just two stores, at 2424 Yonge and 883 Bloor West, and in 1942 these had both become branches of the Dominion food store chain.

The 1934 directory lists Jay M. Laws as a home economist for Mills & Hadwin, with her home address in an unspecified location in Islington. She doesn’t appear in the 1937 directory.

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