Wishes to publicly thank

Here’s the Personals section from the September 22 1933 edition of the Toronto Daily Star:

By chance, this section contained no fewer than four women looking to meet another woman for companionship. To my modern eyes, they look like requests for a relationship; perhaps they were, but the women in question would have had to be very discreet and careful, as same-sex relationships were illegal in 1933.

A Google search revealed nothing about Tim Maurice, internationally known clarinet and saxophone player, but I did find a Canadian Encyclopedia entry for Jack Arthur (1889-1971). Born in Glasgow, Arthur started his career early, touring as violinist for Harry Lauder’s company when he was seven. He was the music director for a number of movie theatres from 1918 to the late 1930s, and he produced the grandstand shows at the CNE from 1952 to 1967.

I hope that Soldier No. 868004 came home or wrote, though I fear that he might have abandoned his wife and children.

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