Canadian Cavalcade

Here’s an ad in the September 16 1946 edition of the Toronto Globe and Mail for a CBC radio program titled Canadian Cavalcade:

I couldn’t find anything on Canadian Cavalcade, but I did find some information on the people mentioned in this ad:

  • Jean Dickenson sang at the Metropolitan Opera in 1940. YouTube has recordings of her singing “Caro Nome” in 1940 and “Mazurka” in about 1945 (the latter is from the American Album of Familiar Music).
  • Dixie Dean (1916-1987), the accordion player, is not to be confused with Dixie Dean, the famous British soccer player. The accordion playing Dixie was an instructor and composer when not appearing on the radio.
  • Howard Cable (1920-2016) lived for nearly 70 years after this ad appeared. He is best known for composing the original theme for Hockey Night in Canada, which was used from 1952 until 1968. He also created a piano solo arrangement of the second Hockey Night in Canada theme; the orchestral version of this (which Cable did not arrange) which ran from 1968 until the mid-2000s.
  • Cy Mack (1905-1979) was born Francis Cyril McElhiney in Springhill, Nova Scotia, which is also the place where Anne Murray was born.

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