Godfather to Hapsburg baby

Here’s one more photo from the September 8 1932 edition of the Toronto Daily Star, featuring a prince of Austria being held by the former king of Spain.

The infant in the photo was Archduke Stefan of Austria (1932-1998), a great-great-grandson of Queen Victoria. Born in Austria, he and his family moved to Romania in 1942. When his cousin, King Michael of Romania, was forced to abdicate in 1947, he lived in Switzerland, Argentina, and then finally in the United States, where he settled.

The archduke eventually became an American citizen and established a division of advanced research at General Motors in Detroit, which is probably not what he expected to be doing with his life when he was living as a prince in Austria.

King Alfonso XIII of Spain (1886-1941) became king at birth, his father having died before he was born. He was granted full powers of kingship in 1902, and abdicated in 1931 when the Second Republic was formed.

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