Princess seeks divorce

Here’s a photo from the September 8 1932 edition of the Toronto Daily Star:

Avril Joy Mullens (1909-1978) married two more times after divorcing His Serene Highness Prince George Imeretinsky (whom she married when she was 16). She married Brigadier General Hugh Nugent Leveson-Gower and then married Ernest Aldrich Simpson; the latter was the ex-husband of Wallis Simpson, who later became the Duchess of Windsor. Ms. Mullens passed away in Mexico after an automobile crash.

Despite all of this, Ms. Mullens was not the most notorious sibling in her family. Her older sister, Elvira Enid Barney (1904-1936), who used the stage name of Dolores Ashley, was dramatically acquitted of murdering her lover in 1932. Ms. Barney was later disowned by her family and was found dead in a hotel room in Paris on Christmas Day, 1936. The Steeple Times website provides a highly unflattering portrait of her.

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