Loses bet, rolls peanut

The August 13 1948 edition of the Toronto Daily Star contained this brief article about a woman who lost a bet about the recent Saskatchewan election.

The C.C.F. did well enough in the election to maintain a comfortable majority government under Tommy Douglas, but they did go from 48 seats to 31, forcing poor Mrs. MacMillan to roll a peanut with her nose.

Mantario, Saskatchewan was large enough in 1948 for Mrs. MacMillan’s husband to be able to operate a store there, and for a large crowd to watch her lose her bet. But, over time, it has gradually vanished. Its post office closed in 1986; it lost its village status in 2007. As of 2011, five people live there.

Its Google Street View shows that there is very little left there now. There is a garage that lasted for more than 87 years, but looks like it’s been closed a long time. The man who ran the garage passed away in 2012. A photo of the garage, taken in 1991, is in the National Gallery of Canada.

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