Toronto district manager

For years, the business section of the newspaper has included photographs of executives that have been promoted to important new jobs. I’ve always wondered what criteria companies used to decide whether to send their new promotee’s picture to the paper.

For example, the August 7 1936 edition of the Toronto Daily Star contained this photo of a man who had just been promoted to Toronto District Manager for a life insurance company.


Mr. Genesove looks a little sad in this photograph. Perhaps it’s just a trick of the camera, or perhaps he felt that a work-related photo required solemnity.

Because he has an uncommon name, I traced E. J. Genesove in the Toronto city directories. In the 1936 directory, Emanuel J. Genesove is listed under his previous job, as supervisor at the downtown office of the Northern Life company. So it looks like National Life lured him away to his new job.

It also looks like Mr. Genesove didn’t hold his new job for long. The 1937 directory lists him (now as Emmanuel with two m’s) as a district manager for National Life, but the 1938 and 1939 directories do not list him at all. These directories do not list his widow, so I have no idea whether he passed away or whether he accepted another role in a different city.

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