More looking for someone

The Personals section of the July 22 1920 edition of the Toronto Daily Star contained two ads placed by people who were looking for someone that they knew five years before.

July 22 2

For the first entry, I looked up 119 Clinton Street in the 1914, 1915, and 1916 Toronto city directories. In those years, the inhabitants were (in order) Arthur E. Atkinson, Mrs. Sarah Grimes, and William Somerville. I suppose that one of them could have been nicknamed Gartley, or perhaps Gartley didn’t live there long enough to get an entry in a city directory. Oh well; a dead end.

For the second entry: I thought it peculiar that Mr. L. H. Christie would mention his name twice in the ad. This is an extra expense, since the Daily Star charged per word. Perhaps he was a pseudonym: the 1920 and 1921 directories list John Johnson as the resident at 3 Pembroke.

A search in the 1915 directory on Dunn Avenue yielded Alex A. Reid, who lived at 215 Dunn; this could be the right Read or Reid (or perhaps not). There was no Nellie Reid in the 1915 directory; there was one in the 1916 directory, but she was also in the 1917 directory, so it’s probably not the same person. (There were two Nellie Reids in the 1918 directory.) Another dead end, unfortunately; perhaps sleuthing using the Toronto city directories is not as effective as I would have hoped.

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