I will not be responsible

I’m still continuing with my exploration of the Personals sections from the July 1920 editions of the Toronto Daily Star. Here’s a couple of entries from the July 12 edition.

July 12 1

Doing them in reverse order: I had noticed before that older Toronto city directories were somewhat racist. Non-white businesses or residents were simply referred to by their nationality or were ignored altogether. This was true of the laundry at 828 Bathurst Street – the 1920 and 1921 city directories just listed it as “Chinese Laundry” with no mention of the owners. And Sing You, Yin Wah, and Mark Long Ark were not listed in the 1920 directory. 828 Bathurst was listed as a Chinese laundry in the 1925 directory also, but it wasn’t there for long: by 1928, this building and the ones around it had been replaced by St. Peter’s Church.

As for the first of the two entries: Andrew Tait, of 15 Bedford Road, did have an entry in the 1920 city directory. He didn’t have a listed occupation, which doesn’t necessarily mean that he was unemployed. He remained at this address until at least 1928; I didn’t check him after that.

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