Sweet danger

Here’s an ad for an upcoming serial from the June 22 1935 edition of the Toronto Daily Star:


This ad doesn’t mention that Sweet Danger is by Maysie Grieg – we’ve encountered it and her before in this blog. The first installment of the serial, published on June 24, includes a drawing of Jan (and an ad for Kkovah Salts):


Apparently, Jan had “a vivid, glowing, red-brown beauty that reminded you, somehow, of firelight.” I guess this is a good thing.

Interestingly enough, there is another novel called Sweet Danger, by Margery Allingham and published two years earlier, in 1933. The list of characters in Ms. Allingham’s novel (taken from Wikipedia) makes for great reading:

  • Albert Campion, a mysterious adventurer
  • Magersfontein Lugg, Campion’s servant, an ex-criminal
  • “Guffy” Randall, an old friend of Campion
  • Dicky Farquharson, a famous prospector, on Campion’s team
  • Jonathan Eager-Wright, a mountaineer, also working with Campion
  • Amanda Fitton, a beautiful and precocious teen-aged girl, the Miller of Pontisbright
  • Hal Fitton, Amanda’s serious younger brother and heir to the missing title
  • Mary Fitton, Amanda’s sensible older sister
  • Miss Harriet Huntingforest, the Fittons’ kindly American aunt
  • “Scatty” Williams , Amanda’s assistant at the mill
  • Dr Edmund Galley, the rather odd local doctor
  • Brett Savanake, a secretive and powerful financier
  • Mr Parrott, Savanake’s right-hand man
  • “Peaky” Doyle, a thug in Savanake’s employ

Who among us has not wanted a servant named Magersfontein Lugg or an old friend named Guffy?

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