Killed on way from school

Here’s a sad story from the May 11 1934 edition of the Toronto Daily Star:


This story caught my attention because “Stafirrny” is such an odd name – was that really the unfortunate girl’s last name?

I checked in the Toronto city directories, and I couldn’t find any information. The listed resident at 77 Tecumseth was Vincent Bakalarski, and there’s no name similar to “Stafirrny” on the street or anywhere in the directory. Perhaps the name was given over the phone and badly misinterpreted.

There was a Frank Collard on Browning Avenue – in fact, there were two: Frank and Frank A., both working as cartage agents and both living at 92 Browning. I assume that this was a father and son, one of whom was responsible for the death of a girl whose name we will never accurately know.

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