Air celebrities gather

Here’s one more photo from the May 18 1929 edition of the Toronto Daily Star:


Impressively enough, none of these air celebrities of 1929 died young in a plane crash:

  • Elinor Smith (1911-2010) was just 18 when this photograph was taken. Known as the “Flying Flapper of Freeport”, she earned her pilot’s licence when she was 16. Since she was given to stunts such as flying under bridges, the New York Times had prepared an obituary for her in 1931; it wasn’t needed for nearly 80 years.
  • James Fitzmaurice (1898-1965) was part of the crew that made the first trans-Atlantic flight from east to west in 1928. Presumably, Fitzmaurice Field was named after him to honour this accomplishment.
  • Thea Rasche (1899-1971) was Germany’s first female stunt pilot. She had to give up flying in 1933 for financial reasons, becoming a journalist and then training as a nurse.

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