A new record

Here’s a photograph from the March 23 1932 edition of the Toronto Daily Star of a woman who had just set a record in the 50-yard low hurdles:


Evelyne Hall (1909-1993) won a silver medal in the 80-metre hurdles at the 1932 Olympic Games. She failed to qualify for the 1936 Games. She later became a coach and a physical education instructor.

Betty Robinson (1911-1999) was recovering from a 1931 plane crash at the time of this photo. Before the crash, she won the gold medal in the 100-metre dash at the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics. After the crash, she needed two years to learn to walk normally again. By 1936, she still could not crouch in the starting blocks for a sprinting race, but was able to participate in the 4×100 metre relay in the Berlin Olympics. The United States won that race when the German team dropped their baton.

Mary Terwilliger does not have a Wikipedia page, but she is listed in the Northern Illinois University Hall of Fame (along with her brother, a decathlete). She was successful in a number of running events in the 1930s, but did not qualify for either the 1932 Games or the 1936 Games.

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