By no means a small man

Here’s a photograph from the February 18 1932 edition of the Toronto Daily Star of the Vice-President of the United States standing next to a young man who is much taller than he is.


Henry Mullens (1915-1978) changed his name to Henry Hite when he was 18, and had a career in vaudeville as part of Lowe, Hite, and Stanley. (YouTube has a film clip of their act.) “Stanley” was Stanley Ross, a midget. Hite’s stage career ended in 1962 when Ross passed away.

In 1965, Hite played the monster in the movie Monster a Go-Go, considered one of the worst films ever made. His actual measured height was 7′ 6 3/4″, so the photo is exaggerating slightly.

Charles Curtis (1860-1936) has the distinction of being the first person with significant indigenous North American ancestry to become either president or vice-president of the United States. He served as vice-president under Herbert Hoover between 1928 and 1932.

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