Worried over her studies

Here’s an article from the front page of the February 26 1935 edition of the Toronto Daily Star that is sad and confusing:


The sad part is obvious: when an 18-year-old girl goes missing, you have to assume the worst. But the behaviour of the parents was confusing. Why did they not report her missing for two weeks? (Inspector Lundy of the Dundas Street East station was also confused by this.) And why had her parents pulled her out of private school to study at home?

Unfortunately, I never learned the answer to this. Searches in the Toronto Daily Star database turned up nothing. And there’s nobody named Gordon at 77 Castle Frank Road in the 1934, 1935, or 1936 city directories, and I couldn’t find C. F. Gordon at any other address either.

My hope, 85 years later: because there were no other references to her disappearance, perhaps her parents found her.

I did find one other reference to young Ms. Gordon by accident, when I searched for 1928 by mistake instead of 1935. Here’s a photo from the March 3 1928 edition of the Daily Star:


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