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The February 4 1933 edition of the Toronto Daily Star contained a brief article on the resolution of a dispute between neighbours.


I was curious, so I looked up the plaintiffs and the defendants in the Toronto city directories. I wanted to know: how long did the feuding litigants remain neighbours after the judgement?

The 1932 city directory lists John E. Robinson and George Fuller at 144 and 146 Eastwood, as the article states. This directory also lists Elias Taylor at 143 Eastwood, which is almost directly across the street, so I will assume that this is the Taylor mentioned in the article.

The Taylors appear to have left the neighbourhood almost immediately after the settlement: in the 1933 directory, 143 Eastwood is listed as Vacant. Mr. Robinson and Mr. Fuller remained neighbours at least through 1938, as they appear in that directory at the same addresses. Perhaps they were now bound by common misfortune and/or common remorse.

Here’s the Google Street View photo of 144 and 146 Eastwood. I think these are still the original houses (though perhaps 144 Eastwood has been remodelled).

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