New camera study of Miss Wright

The January 27 1931 edition of the Toronto Daily Star continued its habit of printing a photo of a young woman with her name and address listed:


As in other pictures of this sort (see previous blog entries here and here), I wondered whether the unfortunate young lady was hounded by people who had tracked down her address in the paper. I was especially intrigued by this picture: was there really a Miss Wright living on Wright Avenue?

I looked Miss Wright up in the Toronto city directory for 1931 and discovered that there was no one named Wright at 190 Wright Avenue. There was a Charles Wright at 139 Wright Avenue, and a Joseph Wright at 301 Wright Avenue, but they are probably unrelated.

Perhaps Miss Wright was clever enough to give a fake address when they took her picture, or perhaps she boarded at 190 Wright and the city directory didn’t list her. There is an Evelyn B. Wright in the 1931 directory at a different location, but there is no way of knowing whether it was her. She covered her tracks well, then and now. Perhaps she eventually met Mr. Right. (Sorry.)

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