1920 municipal election

On New Year’s Day 1920, the city of Toronto held municipal elections (as it did every year until 1949). The January 1 1920 edition of the Toronto Globe included a full page of ads for candidates running for office:


The Daily Star didn’t publish an edition on New Year’s Day, so its ads were in the previous edition, on December 31 1919:


And the Daily Star included a list of candidates that it endorsed:


Of the Daily Star’s preferred candidates:

  • Sam McBride did not unseat Tommy Church as mayor of Toronto. McBride eventually did become mayor, but not until 1928. If you live in Toronto and his name seems familiar to you, it might be because a Toronto Islands ferry is named after him.
  • Three of their preferred choices for Board of Control were elected: incumbent R.H. Cameron, and newcomers Joseph Gibbons and J. George Ramsden. Incumbent Charles A. Maguire was elected instead of the Daily Star’s choice, James Simpson. The Daily Star might have endorsed Simpson because he formerly worked there as a City Hall reporter and the paper’s municipal editor. He eventually served a one-year term as mayor of Toronto in 1935.

The Wikipedia page for the 1920 municipal elections lists which aldermen managed to get in for another year.

I hope that you and your family have a healthy and happy new year.