50 years married

Here’s a notice in the January 3 1940 edition of the Toronto Daily Star that commemorated a couple that had been married for fifty years, and had gotten married on New Year’s Day 1890:


As usual with these, I looked the couple up in the Toronto city directories to morbidly see how long they stayed alive. It turns out that Mr. and Mrs. Hunt had just moved to 301 Gilbert Avenue, as Jesse (not Jessie!) Hunt appears in the 1941 directory but not the 1940 one at that address. (The city directories, sadly, are sexist: they only list the head of the household, usually male.)

Mr. Hunt appears to have been a survivor: he appears in city directories at that address as late as 1960. I have no idea whether his wife survived along with him, or whether he had become a widower. I didn’t trace him after that; for all that I know, he is still there.

According to Google Street View, 301 Gilbert Avenue is a small but nice-looking house. It has a tree and a garden.

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