Tightrope crossing planned

The November 22 1946 edition of the Toronto Globe and Mail contained this short article about a man who planned to cross Niagara Falls on a tightrope:


He doesn’t appear to have done it – this page on Nik Wallenda claims that he was the first to do it in 2012, and this B&B Niagara page lists nine Niagara Falls gorge walkers, none of whom was Mr. Trostl.

A search for “The Great Arturo” and “Arturo Trostl” turned up two links:

  • A page about the Trostl circus family, written by one of his sons.
  • A Google books link here.

David Niven also played “Tony, the Great Arturo” in the 1939 film Eternally Yours, but that appears to be unrelated.

The Trostl family’s lives were marred by two tragedies: daughter Eve perished in a circus accident in 1951, and son Arthur Jr. was seriously wounded by a bomb planted by the Alphabet Bomber in the Los Angeles airport in 1974. The Great Arturo passed away in 1998.