Usher in 1920

One hundred years ago today, in the December 31 1919 edition of the Toronto Daily Star, there was an article briefly describing some upcoming parties to celebrate the arrival of 1920:



The article pointed out that this was the first New Year’s celebration in some time to occur following a full year of peace. Highlights, if you don’t want to read the whole article:

  • The Peace Ball, organized by the Cotillion Club in the Metropolitan Assembly Rooms, planned to start 1920 with a leap year dance, in which “timid ladies will approach likewise timid men and shyly ask for a dance”. Colored balloons and confetti will be floating about!
  • At the Balmy Beach Club, eight-year-old Joyce William, representing 1920, will drive Father Time across the ballroom and out the door. A balloon dance and a novelty ribbon dance will follow and then a buffet supper will be served.
  • At the King Edward Hotel, 1920 will be ushered in with a traditional rendition of “Auld Lang Syne”.

Happy New Year to everybody, 100 years later!

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